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BitSiren was hired by Motörheadphones Thailand as marketing and technology consultants with multiple consultancy contracts since August 2013. Goal of the consultancy is the penetration of the Thai (and subsequently Asian) market with Motörheadphones' headphones specifically engineered for Rock and Metal music; co-developed and endorsed by the legendary rock band Motörhead itself.

Phase 1: Marketing Research BitSiren performed a thorough marketing research regarding the target audiences in the Asian market, the potential of individual marketing channels and developed a Marketing Plan & Mix including a suggested Marketing Budget. The research uncovered and defined the uniqueness of the Asian electronic consumer goods and rock music market.

Phase 2: Implementation In phase two, BitSiren actively supports Motörheadphones Thailand with the implementation of the digital and classical marketing vehicles identified by BitSiren in Phase 1. This includes:

- Information Architecture refactoring of e-commerce website
- Content realignment of e-commerce website with the findings from Phase 1
- Development of interactive applications for Motörheadphones' e-commerce website
- Development and implementation of SEO action plan
- Improvement of multi-channel data analysis
- Development and implementation of CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaigns
- Event identification and development
- Classical marketing channels identification and development
- Development and implementation of SMM (Social Media Marketing)

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