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Since 1999, Asian Trails has grown to become one of the leading destination management companies in Asia with full service operations in 8 Asian destinations. The company’s vision was conceived by Luzi Matzig, today's Chairman and co-founded by Asian Trails’ CEO, Laurent Kuenzle and commenced operations on September 09, 1999. The guiding principles and vision set by our Chairman and CEO remains the cornerstone of our operations – up to today.

Under the partial ownership of Kuoni since 2006, Asian Trails successfully maintained a business formula that can respond to the needs of our clientele using the best of local creative talent under the guidance of passionate, hands-on directors and managers.  We believe that our entrepreneurial personnel are the heart of this tremendous success, the DNA of Asian Trails, since its inception.

This entrepreneurial empowerment extends to all levels of staff – the result being a drive to create unique and cost-effective travel products and services that are unequalled anywhere else in the world.

Re-design, partly content creation and MODX CMS migration of 31 Asian Trails micro websites.