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The 9th Floor is an open air, fine dining restaurant in Patong, Phuket. The 9th Floor required a complete marketing communication strategy, including magazine advertising, billboards, social media marketing, menu design, and direct marketing, including e-flyers.

BitSiren has developed two magazine and billboard campaigns for the years 2010 and 2011 respectively. The campaign has had a strong and continuous presence in Phuket's local magazines, such as ThinkDesign, Modern Design, Phuket Francophone, NewspaperDirect, Twinpalms Magazine, Funmag and The Guide Phuket.

BitSiren has also created supplementary promotional material, such as a bookmark, post cards and a gift bag which is handed free to diners.

Menu design is an important part of The 9th Floor's marketing needs, with BitSiren creating and updating the menu both for normal operations, and for The 9th Floor's regular special events and occasions.

BitSiren also takes care of The 9th Floor's electronic communication needs. BitSiren designs and sends out e-flyers and teasers for special events, as well as managing the 9th Floor's Facebook & YouTube page (and other Social Media), interacting with the clientele, creating/uploading content such as photos/videos and promoting the restaurant online.

BitSiren has an effective strategy and vision for The 9th Floor's marketing activities, ensuring brand and message consistency, and reinforcing The 9th Floor's excellent reputation.