Public Relations

Ongoing contact with online and offline media, and developing and distributing news releases generate positive, credible media coverage which go towards the positioning and branding of a product or service. Target markets trust their magazines and newspapers – by getting these news sources to champion a brand, the target markets will trust the brand and believe its promises.


  • Media release creation:
    • Compile relevant/timely discussion points
    • Create different versions (short, long, target group-specific)
    • For Web-based press release distribution optimisation of the media release content according to current SEO initiatives.
    • Include pictures/logos whenever possible.
  • Research and analysis of relevant media platforms/press rooms.
  • Submission to the relevant media platforms/press rooms (content, logos and images).
  • Promotion through bloggers who are influential on relevant topics.
  • Promotion of media releases through social media sites, as well as participation in community discussions on these sites.
Tags: Public Relations, Marketing 19-Jan-09

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