Print Advertising

Print advertising is effective in branding and positioning and allows a company to reach a broad market. Special interest magazines deliver targeted demographics with a high degree of impact. A secondary but important benefit is that appearance in a title that is respected in the industry conveys a professional image and increases the company's credibility and reputation. Magazines are also usually read by more than one person, and have longevity – they may be passed around from person to person, or left on people's coffee tables for frequent perusal. This means that an advertisement in one magazine can reach a number of people.

Newspapers reach a large, diverse market, but are very short-lived, read by one or maybe two people before being thrown away. However, a good advertisement published in the right place in the right newspaper can generate huge awareness.

With the advent of online and mobile advertising, many print publications are suffering as print advertisement spend continues to drop. This has led many to believe that print advertising is dead or dying. We disagree. We believe that an effective marketing strategy needs to incorporate a range of media, targeting consumers online, on their mobile phones or in the publications they read. Print advertising may comprise less of the marketing pie these days, but it is still an important piece.


  • Create conception
  • Media planning/strategy
    • Including research and analysis of relevant special interest magazines
  • Ad design and message development
  • Media buy management
    • Data submission
    • Invoice control
    • Quality control
Tags: Advertising, Marketing 19-Jan-09

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