Mass Media Advertising

Mass media includes all forms of information communicated to large groups of people, such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and television. Mass media advertising has the ability to reach a wide audience where you are able to send a strong and influential message. Determining the most effective distribution channel for your key message will determine the overall success of your campaign.

Despite its ability to reach large and diverse audience simultaneously, it bears remembering that mass media can still be well directed towards a target group i.e. a television commercial broadcast during a particular programme at a particular time will reach a particular demographic. Mass media advertising has the ability to build brand awareness in the general market and yet directly target a particular niche. Mass media advertising is a powerful tool for any brand’s development.

We will work with your brand to establish just which mass media are suitable for your brand’s advertising campaign, and how we can target your consumers and potential consumers effectively in the media they use the most, ensuring best value for advertising spend and brand development.


  • Advertising goals identification
  • Analysis of potential target groups
  • Research/evaluation of specific mass media effectiveness
  • Creation/development of key message
  • Visualisation of key message
  • Media buy management
    • Data submission
    • Invoice control
    • Quality control
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