blogBitSiren completes acquisition, announces Perth litigation in "Goat Case"
Phuket, Thailand, August 16, 2010 BitSiren Co. Ltd. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the operating assets of Asia Webworks Co. Ltd., with effect from August 1, 2010.More»
blogNotice of Material Risk to Investors ""
All present and prospective investors in the above-mentioned entities and enterprises, and to all other interested parties: Notice is hereby given that: BitSiren Co. Ltd., sole creator of the web site "", has formally asserted its exclusive ownership of all aspects of web site content, trade names and intellectual property of every character, kind and description associated with the said web site, pursuant to written contract therefore. A conflict pertaining to the ownership and use of certain intellectual property presently exists between BitSiren Co. Ltd., and the above-mentioned entities. The ultimate resolution of this conflict may have a materially adverse impact on the commercial viability of the referenced web site, and may impare the ability of one or both of the referenced entities to continue in commercial operation as a "going concern".More»
blogPhuket Gazette, 27 Sept 2008
Startup Targets Global Market by Chris HustedMore»
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